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At Total Hair Experience, Carlos creates hairstyles that complement or are appropriate for his clients’ lifestyle. His creation could be simple, or it could be elaborate and unique. “If my client wants a fabulous look for her busy schedule, but she also wants a look which allows her to be ready in 20 minutes, she’s got it,” says Carlos. 

“I am visual,” he says, explaining that when his client describes the new look she is after, he immediately visualizes it. But to be sure, he often asks clients to bring two or three pictures of the look to make sure they both are on the same page.

Carlos not only listens to and pampers women clients. Men also can relax and reinvigorate with the salon’s T3 Experience, designed especially for them. With the T3 Experience, male clients receive a thorough cleansing and conditioning scalp treatment, together with a scalp massage, plus a steamed towel facial. Eucalyptus and rosemary oils are used to open up the pores and invigorate the senses. Once the client is relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the experience, the hair cut follows.

At Total Hair Experience only TIGI’s products are used.

Stylist Carlos Flores, owner of Total Hair Experience, pursued his education at TIGI, an international, award-winning hairdressing academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. After completing his training, Carlos joined the exclusive pool ofcreative, innovative, and passionate TIGIhairdressers. Several years later, in 1994, Carlosdecided to start his own salon and begin building a base of loyal clients. Since then, over the last 15 years, Carlos has built a strong reputation for himself and become a sought-after stylist in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Carlos Flores is always looking for continuing educational opportunities to ensure that he is familiar with the new cuts and the latest colors, and also trends, techniques and collections. Every year, he attends three of the best known beauty expo shows in New York, Long Beach and Chicago.

“I always want to be different and on the cutting edge,” says Carlos.
Special Packages

  Hair Color ~ $75& up
   (with cut ~$117 & up)

   Combo in Hair Color ~ $45 and up
   (with cut $87 and up)

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