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       Before and After

With Zerran blow outs When our client came in for a consultation to do the blow out she was dealing with hair that was taken away by color and natural elements ..that's why we chose to do the Zerran blow out because not only will it help her to get a intense treatment in the hair by applying the proper amount of hydration into the hair.

Secondly because it's organic and dose not contain formaldehyde or any kind of aldehyde.

The blow out will give her the ability to smooth her hair with out any kind of craziness that unfortunately people with wavy or curly hair have. not mentioning the time of styling will be cut in half and her hair will obtain the natural shine that we all want in our curly hair another positive side of this treatment is that it's a semi permanence straightening system without damage to the hair.

Our client will have the ability to re capture her natural curl in two to four months ..




Special Packages

  Hair Color ~ $75& up
   (with cut ~$117 & up)

   Combo in Hair Color ~ $45 and up
   (with cut $87 and up)

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